When he was four years old, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart could play complicated pieces on the keyboard.

He started writing music before he knew how to write letters.

Wolfgang and his sister did not go to school. Their father taught them at home.

Wolfgang could listen to a long piece of music and remember the entire work. He could play it back or write it down from memory without making a mistake.

Wolfgang liked to use his middle name, Amadeus, when signing his name. It means "loved by God."

Orchestras in Mozart's time were smaller than today's and there was no conductor. Mozart conducted from his seat at the harpsichord.

Mozart was still a young man when he died. No one knows the exact spot where he was buried.

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is perhaps the most important and most recognized composer of all time. Playing the keyboard when he was just three years old and composing at age four, Mozart spent much of his youth touring European courts with his family. Although he died at the age of thirty-five, he created a huge volume of musical works. Among them are the famed operas The Magic Flute, The Marriage of Figaro, and Don Giovanni. What the Reviewers Say "This complete biography for young readers goes a long way to show us the genius that lay at the heart of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart....His legacy truly was his music and it was a gift which he gave the world." --Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Review

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