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Dear Girls and Boys,
When I was a girl I loved to read. I could spend an entire summer's day lost in a book.

Being the oldest of seven children was great. I liked reading to my brothers and sisters. It was fun to write plays for us all to perform at the holidays. What do you and your family like to read? What do you like to write? Do you write fiction or nonfiction? Do you write plays, poems, or letters?

For many years I was a teacher at Jim Thorpe Elementary. Later, I became a reading specialist. I enjoyed helping children with their reading.

Next, I worked for a publisher of school materials, Frank Schaffer Publications. I was the editor of a magazine for teachers called Schooldays. Have you ever wondered who wrote your workbooks and activity pages? Maybe I did! I have written more than a hundred teacher resource books, student textbooks, activity books, and learning games.

I wrote my first biography, Her Piano Sang, because no one had written a book for children that told the story of a woman composer. My second book, Dance of the Swan tells the story of Anna Pavlova, who is considered by many to be the greatest ballerina ever to grace a stage. Next, I wrote about my favorite composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Musical Genius. I like to write about artists and I like to sing and dance. What kinds of music do you like? Do you like to dance?